Irish Political Parties Family Tree

Posted: February 6, 2013 in Uncategorized

Note: This is simplified for visual effect. If anyone has any criticisms or political disagreements as a result of this simplification, please drop a comment below…

  1. Nice – thanks – will post on for discussion. Q. Did the Irish SP emerge from the Irish Labour Party ? and where is the ULA ?

    • sapteuq says:

      Yup, the Socialist Party started out as the Militant tendency, a Trotskyist left within the labour party. Leading members were expelled in the late 80s/early 90s and like its counterpart in the UK the Militant took an “open turn” and became a party outside labour, concluding that there was nothing worth staying in it for at that stage.

      I didn’t include the ULA because it was an alliance more so than a party, a coming-together of left forces rather than a new force. Now of course I believe the United Left has been launched… so in that respect the pic may be out of date. Thanks for posting 🙂

  2. PJ Marat says:

    Framing the provos as having ‘waged a sectarian terrorist campaign until 1994’ looks like it was lifted from a Sun editorial or a Kevin Myers Op Ed. Like them or not, the overwhelming thrust of their “terrorist” action was against the State.

  3. sapteuq says:

    Their campaign strengthened the two states in Ireland and the British state, and dramatically reinforced sectarian division. All it achieved was getting the Sinn Fein establishment into positions of power. It was a massive tragedy and waste. Calling bombings and assassinations “terrorist” is not some outrageous right wing spin, it’s calling things by their names

  4. reggieraver says:

    This is out and out revisionism @ it’s finest. The SF/PIRA equation is straight out of the DUP/Jim Allister handbook. Are you saying anyone who uses force is a terrorist?.

    • sapteuq says:

      SF and the PIRA were very closely related. If I’m wrong on that, please set me straight.

      Anyone who uses terror is a terrorist, whether it’s a bomb dropped from a plane or detonated in a public place. Terror is a tactic or strategy. When implemented by the majority of the people against the state or the ruling class, then it’s good. When it’s implemented by a self-appointed isolated guerilla minority against the state, then it’s counter-productive at best. When it’s used against the entire Protestant community in Northern Ireland, well that’s sectarian terror, dividing the working class pure and simple.

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