Democracy is getting in the way!! The Media and Italy’s vote against austerity

Posted: February 27, 2013 in politics
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The plans of the wise have been derailed again by that chaotic and unreliable phenomenon, democracy. Italy’s vote against austerity is, in the words of an “impartial” journalist, “a leap in the dark” which has resulted in “turmoil” and the ripping open of a “stark new fissure”. Wise European minds say they are “extremely concerned”. This bank and that bank have seen X percent “knocked off” their value by this “cliffhanger”.

About the pain being suffered by the Italian people and the damage being done to the Italian economy we are given no statistics.

The austerity plans which the Italian people voted against were apparently aimed at “saving” the euro and “retooling” economies; the journalist quotes with few exceptions right-wing eurocrat hacks and finance ministers and uses the phrase “the austerity medicine.”

“The north-south split in Europe opened up by the election presaged clashes between eurozone governments, likely to surface at an EU summit next month, amid calls for a shift away from the harsh regime prescribed and driven through by Berlin in recent years as the price of bailing out insolvent eurozone periphery countries.”

(The Guardian, 26 February)

What’s bankrupt, insolvent and unsustainable in Europe is not those Europeans who care for their sick or disabled loved ones at home. It’s not single mothers. It’s not a pension you can live on or an education you can afford. It’s not healthcare. It’s not hard-working people doing useful jobs for modest pay. It’s not what little industry the continent has left. This crisis DID NOT come about because states pay people to do the jobs that keep society running.

How is attacking these things “medicine”?

The talk about “bailing out insolvent Eurozone periphery countries” is a very eccentric way to describe what’s going on. It’s as if these countries are the problem. This feeds into the semi-racist narrative of southern Europeans and feckless Irish who spend too much and don’t think about saving for the future. Erring children, they have to be “bailed out” by the wise and far-sighted Aryans of northern Europe. The master race are patient and magnanimous but they are firm. The southern Europeans, part-devil and part-child, must reform their economies and cut back on silly frivolous things like social welfare if they want help.

Bankers and politicians and businessmen from all over Europe had their snouts in the trough. The chain is breaking at its weakest links but the problem is Europe-wide. The banks into which Irish people are paying massive amounts of money are unquestionably German banks. But let’s forget nationalities which are meaningless in a class issue.

The problem was an orgy of gambling and speculation that drove the economy into the dirt. Those responsible can’t be described by any nationality. The vast majority of the people of Europe had nothing to do with it, got no choice in the matter and didn’t see any benefits. This goes for Germans, Italians, Irish. Sure, I spent my teenage years in a society with some extra (fake) money sloshing around but all at the expense of a deeper hole being dug for us to fall into later.

Kids fainting in schools and economies falling apart, mass suicides and migrants being treated like dirt, layoffs and permanent crippling damage to economies. Cop on! Why talk about a north-south split? Why talk about peripheries? Imagine you were commentating on a football match and talking about nothing but the weather and the birds up in the sky.

And where the hell is this bailout people are always talking about? I see vultures, I see economic colonisers, I see debt traps. I don’t see bailouts!

The world is falling apart around us and the Guardian is writing about some parallel universe I’ve never been to.


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