We can beat the Property Tax!

Posted: March 29, 2013 in politics
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I don’t need to write an article on the Property Tax campaign – these fine stickers say it all.


You’ll find them in a city or town near you.







If you want to make your own contribution to this campaign and the fight against austerity, share these photos widely, and come out on the demonstration on April 13th.

But most importantly, organize. Join your local CAHWT or CAPTA, become an active member. You won’t find salvation in trusting to the politicians, the market or the constitution – just in yourself and your friends, family, neighbours and fellow workers, in our power as a collective, organized, democratic body.

  1. Sapteuq I much like your blogposts, but I would like to know what you mean by “beating the property tax” and how you think it can be done. ? Surely not with stickers?

    • sapteuq says:

      Thanks! Maybe I should have written that article…

      No not with stickers. But if stickers get people out on the streets, that helps.

      More importantly, the messages of those stickers:

      -Labour are the weak link in the chain, and they were unstable enough a few days ago but after the bye-election, they’re reeling. Deduction at source makes things more difficult but we can make it politically impossible for them to take such measures, particularly with Labour being so weak.

      -As the sticker says, we won’t win by complaining, but by taking action. Which sets up an answer to what I mean by beating the property tax.

      -I mean just like Thatcher’s poll tax and the water charges in the 1990s in Dublin, and like the Household Tax last year: making the tax unenforceable by mass resistance. It’s another means to squeeze money out of us to bail out a failed financial system. We won last year but it’s a different ball game now and the stakes are higher. We need to up our game as well but we can do it

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