Articles on theory and more abstract questions…

Can we win socialism without breaking the law?

The left is a process, not an entity

Class Today, Part One

Class Today, Part 2

Capitalism, Socialism and “human nature”

The Great British Class Survey: Chopping Up the Working Class

Wealth and poverty: 99% versus 1% or 80% versus 20%?

Imagine if 50,000 Americans were killed every year by terrorists or communists… rather than roads

Advice to Youth Defence: 7 Measures That Would Eliminate Abortion

Surprise, surprise – Billionaire mag Forbes thinks Capitalism is “Supremely Moral”

What we’re up against

SEX AND BIG EXPOSIONS. And now that I’ve got your attention, the question of democratic structures

A Theory on Conspiracy Theories

A reaction to the SWP article “The Politics of the Socialist Party”

How to make a billion- from scratch!!

The murky sewers of political comment threads

a doomed world and moreover a pain in the arse

ding dong the wicked witch is dead


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