Here’s some gruesome homework exercises for ye.

1.Which of the following organisations has been responsible for the most civilian deaths in the last twelve years? Number the following organisations with 1 signifying the most civilian deaths and 4 signifying the least.

A)     Al-Queada

B)     The United States Military

C)     The Irish Republican Army

D)     The Health Service Executive


2. Between 1960 and 1990, which bloc of states accounted for more state-sponsored political imprisonment, torture, execution, rape and disappearance?

a)      Soviet satellites in Eastern Europe (Stalinist)

b)      US client states in Latin America (Capitalist)


3. Which two of the following countries each saw the state breaking strikes by massacring dozens of workers in the last two years?

a)      Cuba

b)      Kazakhstan

c)      South Africa

d)      North Korea


4. What nation today has the highest percentage of its population in prison?

A)     The United States of America

B)     The Russian Federation

C)     The People’s Republic of China


5. Stalinist Russia in the late 1930s saw the highest rate of incarceration in history. What other country in history is only marginally behind this record?

a)      Nazi Germany, early 1940s

b)      The Republic of Ireland, mid-1950s

c)      United States of America, early 2010s


6. Are those who argue that Capitalism and Democracy go hand in hand

a) deluded

b) naive

c) politically compromised


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