Articles on political events and developments in Ireland…


A nun, a politician and a banker walk into a bar…

Anglo Tapes – We don’t need an inquiry to know we’re being scammed

After the Property Tax Deadline – Night of the Narky Bollixes

All we need to say on the Bus Eireann strike

This abortion legislation is a joke – and people are not laughing

Asylum Seekers Protest around Ireland

Another exposure of JobBridge

Major struggles on the cards – Croke Park 2 Deal Rejected (This article has been superseded by events significantly)

We Can Beat the Property Tax! (Or as we should call it now, “We Could Have Beaten the Property Tax”)

Advice to Youth Defence: 7 Measures That Would Eliminate Abortion

Racist and very, very stupid stickers

Garda Brutality

Bigger then Macnas or Paddy’s Day anyway — Galway anti-austerity protest, February 9th 2013

The “deal” on the Anglo debt

Irish Political Parties Family Tree

Croke Park 2 Talks Begin

The Ireland That We Dreamed Of, 2006

Minutes from the United Left Alliance Forum

Rising Tides

Reflections on the new double-taxes and suggestions for the ULA

Why did the credit binge happen?

Opposing Nick Griffin

Sinn Féin’s boycott betrayal

The Destruction of the Occupy Dame Street camp

Thoughts from a Bureaucratic Mind: David Begg and the Austerity Treaty

She’s Got Platitude: the Queen of England visits Ireland

They’re making it up as they go along— Part 1

They’re making it up as they go along, Part 2

a doomed world and moreover a pain in the arse



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